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2018 Fall Invitational Classic

$75 for up to 3 events (excludes weapons kata)
See your instructor for family pricing

October 13, 2018
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For an additional $25 you may enter the weapons kata division. Select your division below.

Event Waiver

This American Schools of Shao-Lin Kempo’s Martial Arts Event is considered to be an Extreme Activity.

I agree to hold harmless American Schools of Shao-Lin Kempo, Master Pearlswig, its Instructors, beneficiaries, heirs, and families from any Injuries I may sustain from my participation in this event.

I understand that these may include, but not limited to potential Injuries from falls, contact with others, bruises, broken bones, abrasions, and even death.

I believe that I am healthy enough to participate in this Extreme Activity.

I agree to be fully responsible for any and all cost associated with this event.

2018 Weapons Clinic
Master Pearl presented Sho Dum Quk with Butterfly Swords. It was an amazing clinic!
Thank you for your participation.


Summer Weapons Clinic

Every Summer Master Pearl teaches a lesson on various weapons. This year was August 18th.

Fall Invitational Classic

Every Fall hundreds of students from Washington, Oregon, and Arizona converge to compete against each other and demonstrate their skills. The next tournament is October 13th 2018.
Winter Clinic

Winter Retreat

In February of each year Master Pearl puts on a clinic in a warm weather location. 2018 was in Lake Havasu City, AZ on February 17th & 18th, the form was Sho Dum Qwuk.
Master's Clinic

Spring Clinic

Every Spring Master Pearl presents a master's clinic. This is an opportunity for advanced training with a lesson from Master Pearl. The clinic was May 5th, 2018.